Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Peafowl (Pavo cristatus)

Blue Peacock (Pavo cristatus) 
Blue Peahen and baby (Pavo cristatus)
I saw these peafowl in Orlando Florida in a neighborhood in the vicinity of Michigan and Conway sometime around August 10th in the late afternoon.  These peafowl have been occupying that neighborhood in some form or another since I can remember.  On this particular occasion there were seemingly hundreds of them everywhere, all over the roads and trees and yards of the neighborhood.  I have many more pictures somewhere on a hard drive that I'll add once I find them.  I really adore peafowl since I  had lived in the Conway neighborhood for over 10 years, and have learned how to do a really good call from hearing it so much.  Also, the peafowl is a really good example of sexual dimorphism in action and a good example of sexual selection via displays.  You can read more about peafowl here, and you can read more about sexual selection here.  Since it turns out some people don't like nature and want to get rid of the flock, you can read more about the Conway area peafowl drama here.

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